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how can we help after a fire damage loss?

Rebuilding a fire damaged house can be complicated. A fire damaged house is uncontrolled, and effects different structures in different ways.

We design and build specifically to each clients wants and needs, and the needs of their particular location. ELEMENT may use plans from your previous home, an outside architect, or by our in-house professional home designers.
Southern California Fire Damage
Northern California Fire Damage

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what is Our Process?


What makes us different?

Amanda is a tremendous talent who transforms your vision into reality.

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Rahul and his crew are highly professional, he and his staff complete the project you want...

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Where do we build?

rebuilding fire-damaged house in california

You never change things by fighting the existing reality; To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.
How much does it cost to fix a fire damaged house? How long will it take? How do we protect our structure for future fires? We will walk you through every step of the way.

We build high-quality structures with white-glove service during the entire design-build process.

We work in both The Bay Area and Southern California, and mobilize crews everywhere in between.

Our team understands what an undertaking rebuilding a fire damaged house can be and we strive to provide our clients with an outcome that is nothing short of exactly what they want.
Element Custom Homes builds in Northern and Southern California

how do you repair a fire damaged home?

contact your home insurance agency

After contacting your family and friends to let them know you are safe, next call your insurance agency. It is imperative to begin the documentation process as soon as possible in order to begin your insurance claim. The earlier you start this process, the earlier you’ll be able to receive some type of monetary relief - they should provide you information on next steps and timelines for aid.

If you do not have access to your policy, it is important to ask your insurer for a copy in order to review what will be covered and what policy limits you are entitled to. Although insurers will likely send a substantial check quickly to pay for initial immediate expenses, many homeowners will realize they are underinsured for an entire cleanup and complete rebuild of their homes.

Having a clear understanding of what is covered and how much it is covered for will allow for rational planning of your future.


As insurance companies evaluate thousands of policies during these wildfires, homeowners are faced with the daunting process of recouping their losses. While insurers’ capital, also affected by recent wildfires, continues to spread thinner and thinner throughout each policy, the speed for policy reimbursement will also likely be slowed.

Having as much documentation prepared early will allow for faster reimbursements and final settlements. Keeping all of your possessions itemized before a wildfire damages your home may be a hindsight thought at this point so it is important to take time to record whatever is still readily available.

Be mindful of the fact that insurers will only pay out for what you can prove that you owned.

If you’re missing complete records of everything you lost, which is the majority of those affected, you will need to be creative in order to produce as many records as possible:

- Check your history of purchases through websites you frequent such as Amazon, Home Depot and NewEgg.

- Call department stores to see if they have copies of receipts available in their systems.

- Comb through your bank and credit card statements for all viable purchases you can report.

- Examine older photos of your home at you have access to as most insurers will accept photos as proof of ownership.

Many individuals are scrambling to find necessities to keep them afloat while they struggle to find long-term shelter. Between paying for temporary living expenses, food, hygiene products, clothes, transportation costs, and everything else, it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose track of expenses. Home insurers cover all of these expenses so keeping an organized and detailed list will help recuperate these purchases.


California insured homeowners are entitled to dispute their settlements up to two years after receiving compensation, however, understanding what it will take financially to rebuild your home early will allow for a speedy and methodical plan of action.

Rebuilding a fire damaged house can be very complex, and understanding all costs require you to work with fire damage restoration contractors that know what to look for in estimates.

Homeowner insurers will provide scope of loss reports to outline their payout structures, having an established contracting agency in the area look over the report to give a second opinion before accepting the settlement to ensure the numbers correlate with current construction costs is a must.

The contracting agency may argue that with current demand and surge to costs of material, the insurer’s price may not be enough for a complete build with the same quality.

Reputable contractors will have prices per square footage for a new build that will give you a general estimate of what it will cost to get back to where you were. Accepting a settlement after a second opinion from a contractor will save time, effort, and money by having to go through the initial construction process only once rather than accepting the first offer insurers provide then having to dispute after construction planning has been done.

How much of the process does element handle?

Completing over three hundred projects in the last four years, Element Custom homes has distinguished itself in the industry by providing concierge-style service at cost-efficient prices.

Training our staff to repair fire damage to homes has taken many hours, great skill and effort.

At Element we value our reputation within the community above all and we back it with our written home warranties on all our projects.

We are committed to rebuilding our community and will help work with you to make sure you’re covered for what was lost.

Use the form we provide to request more information on how Element can help after a disaster.

who are we?


Head of operations

Rahul is highly experienced through all levels of the construction process. Coming from a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from Cal State he exemplifies exceptional project management and can clearly communicate through every step in the ever changing world of building code.
+1 213 595 8240


Head of development

Amanda stems from a background in general contracting, interior and architectural design. Working in a preventative environment has expanded her mind to build better structures. Innovative, sustainable and physically appealing buildings that will hold many years of structural integrity.
+1 646 460 5330


head of architecture & planning

Rucha has over 9 years of experience in the Architecture industry. She works hard to stay innovative with the constant change of government regulations and strives to find a balance between city regulations and producing functionally dynamic designs.
+1 408 838 7464
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