5 Traps Not to Fall into Building Your Custom Home

Custom House Building has several advantages over purchasing a home. It allows you to build your home your way with  designs, features, and unique finishes that suit your lifestyle and allows for self-expression. You may also lower the cost of building your home. But the process isn’t without complications, so you must pay attention to specific points.

Don’t forget to Work Closely with the Architect

You must participate fully in the process of designing your new home. Take your time to visualize a clear idea of your various needs and then explain them to your builder & Architect, which we do both of in-house. Endeavor to go through every detail of the custom home building process, no matter how little, with your workers.

If you want to achieve the best results at the end of the construction, you must be an active part of every process. This is not to say you need to control the processes, thats your builders job. When you’re on the same page with your team about the project’s goals, you’ll find that the final results are even more delightful than the picture you imagined.

Man drawing a plan of a future custom home

Don’t Make a Guesstimate: Make a Budget

Before kick starting the project, work out a realistic budget threshold. You will have to do proper research and get quotes from builders. Include a feasible budget for every stage of your home building. Additional expenses, such as site preparation costs and permit fees, should also be included. This way, you will be well prepared for every payment you will have to make.

You and your builder should have a sufficient understanding of your budget. There is little chance of escalating costs when your contractor knows what you need and how much money you are willing to spend.

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Seek the Opinion of Professionals

One costly mistake you can make, and why many property owners have found themselves in difficult situations, is to fail to seek advice when considering the steps to building their custom home. The advice from builders is invaluable. If you're hiring an architect outside of your builder to build your home, check with the builder before you finalize your drawings. Its nice to have a pretty picture, but even nicer to know what it costs to bring it to life.

You may also seek advice from friends and family around you who have built custom homes. Learning about their difficulties and how they solved them will help you avoid similar traps during your project.

Consult with professionals before building a custom home

Control the Process Step by Step

Ensure that you control your new home construction timeline. Follow each stage of the project’s progress closely and ensure that they are completed within the stipulated period. Element Homes includes a liquidated damages clause in each one of their contracts. This means, every day you go over your contracted time frame, you are paid out per day on an agreed number. Make sure any builder you work with does the same. Time delays are not only not fun, theyre extremely expensive. To guarantee your construction’s timely completion, you must pay attention to your construction team’s comments and requirements.

Control a process of a custom home building

Don’t Hire a Sales Pitch: Hire Certified Professionals Only

It is much easier to achieve your goals when you work with professionals. Constructing a home in which your family will be comfortable for several decades is essential, and for this reason, you must hire only the very best hands to build it. Take your time to do extensive research on the best construction companies, don’t just go with the first company that pops up when you do a Google search. Do a portfolio evaluation before hiring! Many construction companies look excellent online, but they can barely execute high-quality projects.


You will be saving a lot of time, money, and heartache by hiring a reputable construction company like Element Homes, to build your dream home. We offer custom home building services at their very best. Fill a contact form to gain access to the several benefits of hiring us.

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