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Custom Home Builder in Brentwood Park, CA

Wouldn't it be great if you could sit down with a custom home builder who would listen exclusively to your ideas, shape them, walk you through the entire process, and create a masterpiece that’s completely unique to you? At Element Homes we can exceed your wildest expectations! We offer ourselves as conduits to your dream home, by creating a world where you have access to a renowned builder. Access that fosters a relationship in which your needs are fully met and your dreams become a reality.

Working with Builders in Brentwood Park

Element Homes offer the highest quality in architectural and construction services — and behind the scenes, we pour over the details, selecting the finest materials while thoughtfully managing a team of highly skilled builders and designers who work committedly to give your custom luxury home its signature quality. Through our dedication, we strive to ease pressure on our clients and protect their investment while delivering the very best residential properties in Brentwood Park, CA.

Whether you’re building a hillside home or in a high fire risk area, we utilize new technologies effectively to enhance the entire building experience, ensuring that your new home is not only aesthetically pleasing, but safe and secure too. Element Homes has taken a client-centered, quality-focused approach to general contracting to ensure that your home is tailored to your taste.

Getting to Know the Best Custom Luxury Home Builders in Brentwood Park, CA

Brentwood Park locals can expect first class construction services with hands-on attention to detail during all facets of the project. Browse our “How it Works” page and see for yourself how our quality and passion for craftsmanship shows up in everything we do. Connect with our Head of Operations, Rahul, for detailed information about project management.

Contact Amanda, Head of Development, for guidance on building in fire risk zones, general contracting and interior and architectural design. For any questions about permitting, building codes and local law, reach out to our Head of Architecture and Planning, Rucha. Whatever your needs or desires, our unique, quality craftsmanship makes the process of turning your dream home into a dream-come-true as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Turn Key Services from the Best Custom Home Builders in Brentwood Park

At Element Homes, we believe that every project should be grounded in a personal, client-centered relationship. As we begin our journey together, our goal is to be there for you at every step and celebrate each milestone, from the initial stages to move-in. Our team will help clarify your vision and create a custom proposal based on the architectural plan, interior specs, and budget to effectively attain your financial and aesthetic objectives.

Our proactive team is always available on the ground, overseeing and immersing themselves in your build while ensuring that every detail of the construction process comes together beautifully. From design to finishing touches, we construct and deliver some of the most innovative Brentwood Park projects of tomorrow.

What to Expect While Working with Element Homes on Your Brentwood Park Home

We’re dedicated to provide refined and concentrated attention to every aspect of your new home design. Throughout your project, we collaborate with some of the industry’s best craftsman to work out a clear set of project goals intended to deliver a home that’s built to last, hold its value, and exemplify luxury and quality over a lifetime. Our goal is to begin every build with a superior design where your home’s concept, indoor and outdoor finishes, and master plan perfectly match your specific needs.

Element Homes take the guesswork out of building by providing quick and efficient updates on construction progress through our live project tracking tool that allows you to choose finishes, makes changes, and view progress photos whenever you want.

How Do I Know Element is the Best Custom Home Builder Near Me in Brentwood Park?

We believe in delivering true value and the best level of service possible to our clients; therefore, every contractor and subcontractor is selected from a curated list of licensed and insured professionals who uphold the highest standards of excellence throughout every step of the building process.

Call or Email to Book a Virtual Consultation with Our Custom Home Builders

Call our Head of Architecture and Planning Rucha, our Head of Operations Rahul or our Head of Development Amanda for specific questions about your modern home in Brentwood Park, CA. To book a consultation, contact our local scheduling office by filling out the form here or calling our receptionist at 415-843-8646650-750-0484 424-363-4824  310-361-8704  949-749-4858.

With every project, we have built not only an outstanding home, but an enduring reputation respected by the Southern California luxury property industry. Nobody builds a custom home in Brentwood Park, CA quite like Element Homes and we hope you are as excited as we are to speak to one another and start building!




We offer a complete turn-key design-build service

Our local team of architects, engineers, designers and more provide each client with a customized, turn-key home once the build process is complete.

We are a Licensed Home Building Contractor

All Element Homes team members and subcontractors are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Element’s California Contractors State License Board CSLB License Number is #1058250

We Offer Architectural Services

Element Homes offers premier architectural services to homeowners in California. Our Head of Architecture & Planning is Rucha, who has over nine years’ experience in the industry

We Have Skilled Workmanship

Not only are all our subcontractors licensed and insured, but they also provide incredible workmanship and craftsmanship on each project.

We Are Completely Transparent 

Unlike other design-build firms, Element Homes is completely transparent about product sourcing, subcontractor hires, cost estimates and timelines. You can track your project live through our app. 

We’re Respected Home Builders in California

As California’s premier design-build firm, our team at Element Homes is well-respected all across the Golden State. You can read reviews from recent clients here.



We send you an all-inclusive, free estimate


We design your architectural plans, and get your permits approved


We build your dream home.

We send you an all-inclusive, free estimate

We design your architectural plans, and get your permits approved

We build your dream home

past projects detail

Custom Home Built in Brentwood Park, CA

8821 sf, 5 Bedroom, 8 Bath

Custom Home Built in Los Angeles, CA

2409 sf, 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath

CUSTOM Home Built in Newport Beach, CA

6179 sf, 6 Bedroom, 7 Bath

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client testimonials


CEO Big Joe Lift Trucks Inc

Here`s why: They listen, they execute, and they deliver...

If you are searching for the premier home builder in California, look no further than Element Homes. Here’s why: They listen, they execute, and they deliver the highest quality home that you can imagine. Amanda is a tremendous talent who transforms your vision into reality. She is an excellent listener who provides thoughtful feedback and always leads you to the right outcome. Rucha executes every idea that is discussed during the planning stages. Nothing is left out. Rahul delivered a complex project within the aggressive timeframe that we expected. He managed an outstanding group of subcontractors like a symphony conductor.  Amanda kept the selection process efficient and on track. Rahul leads a team that is cohesive, customer-focused, professional, and always does the right thing for their client.  In the case of the large home they constructed on our behalf in San Mateo, their forward-thinking design, first-class quality of material and exceptional workmanship created a monument that has exceeded our expectations. I recommend this company unequivocally to anyone who desires to work with the absolute best designer and builder for their new home.


Family Office Investor & Real Estate Developer

No surprises, no nickel and diming, just high quality performance.

I am a professional developer with over 40 years of commercial development experience and over $500 million in construction over that period of time. I have built four large high end homes from scratch and substantially remodeled two others in projects exceeding one million in each case. I have experience with five residential builders and just over ten commercial builders. My evaluation of these contractors ranges from frustrating and unacceptable to outstanding. My experience with Element Homes has been outstanding if not exceptional. The majority of the seven month major remodeling project the folks at Element Homes handled the challenges and only involved me to ensure they understood what I wanted. Those few other issues which arose, once Rahul understood what my concerns were, they quickly took charge and insulated me from the discussions with subcontractors. They handled it until I (or rather my wife) was happy. The communications from Element Homes was outstanding. Weekly written reports and photos were provided and they talked to me on the phone or in person whenever it was requested by either party. No surprises, no nickel and diming, just high quality performance. It was a very pleasant experience from the start to the end. I will go back to Element Homes for my next project. I highly recommend Element Homes to anyone considering a high quality luxury residential construction project.



The prices are commensurate with the excellent quality of work.

I will start off by saying that I am always extremely cautious with spending money. I always do my research to find the best provider for the best price. It takes a ton of time and effort and that's how I found Element Homes to build my custom home in San Jose. The work was impeccably done, Rahul and his crew are highly professional, he and his staff complete the project you want but are ready and willing to share other design options to enhance your vision. The prices are commensurate with the excellent quality of work. They stand behind their work and are not satisfied until the job has been completed to your, and their, satisfaction. I have recommended them to others who have also raved about Rahul and the work he does.

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