Best Places to Build a Custom Home in California

Living on the Pacific Ocean is a dream come true for many looking to experience year-round sunshine and an active outdoor lifestyle. The scale and diversity of the real estate market in the Golden State make it a desirable and rewarding industry for any custom home builder.

California, home to nearly 40 million residents, remains the most populous state in the U.S.—making up 12% of the nation's population—data released by World Population Review indicates. Its population is the most diversified of any state in the United States—accounting for more than 65 ethnic groups and 200 different languages.

California has one of the highest median home values in the country: $574,957 (average market rent: $2,333 a month). According to Forbes' 2022 World's Billionaires ranking, more billionaires live in California than any other state—186 as of 2022. This is a reflection of the state's booming economy and high-quality lifestyle. These factors have largely contributed to the rising demand for home construction and increased custom home builders in California.


Why is California the Best Choice to Live?

why choose California to build a home

In many ways, the Golden State offers its residents an outstanding quality of life, with a strong and varied job market, lucrative technology and entertainment industries, the best custom home construction, top-notch universities, not forgetting the fantastic weather, vibrant food culture, and numerous natural amenities that add to its enduring appeal. Below are a few reasons why California is the best choice to live:

Weather You will get some rain now and then, but a crisp and warm sunny climate is what you can expect anywhere in California. The year-round sunshine and warm weather make the state a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts as the pleasant temperatures make it impossible to stay indoors.

Cost of living

The cost of living in the sunny state is higher than in other states in the U.S.—especially the central hub cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Cost of Living Index by State 2022 reveals that California has the country's third-highest cost of living index with a score of 142.2.

If relocating to the Golden State is within your realm of possibility, it's worth considering all financial expenses, including the costs of top luxury home builders in California and food, transportation, health, and other miscellaneous living expenses. While the cost of living may seem unrealistic, it is somewhat balanced by California's income rate, which is higher than in many other states.


Working In California

Statistically, California offers better chances of finding a higher-paying job which means better quality of living for most. It isn't surprising that the state has the largest economy, with3.2 a trillion dollars of GDP annually. The diverse set of cutting-edge industries and varied job opportunities make it possible for new residents to land jobs in major companies offering competitive salaries.

For example, San Francisco sets the stage for the tech industry which accounts for 20.5% of all jobs, adding it to the list of the best place to live in California. Think Silicon Valley's tech giants: Apple, Tesla Inc, Google, Cisco Systems, Facebook, and Yahoo.

Getting around in California

In most cities like L.A., San Diego, and San Francisco, the dominant mode of transport is by car. An article by Mover Junction titled "Moving to California a Complete Relocation" indicates that 73.6% of residents living across the Golden State drive their car alone. Purchasing a car isn't the only expense—it comes with a hefty price tag, including gas, insurance, and maintenance costs, which are higher than other states.

The gas prices are significantly higher than the national average. According to AAA, the average cost of gas was more than the national average of $5 per gallon. Comparing insurance rates before deciding on a policy is perhaps a good place to start if you're looking to reduce expenses.

Diverse population

Diverse population In California

From its earliest years, California has always been known for its respect and appreciation of diversity. No matter your ethnicity, religion, political views, or sexual orientation, it celebrates all people from different walks of life.

What's more, the difference in cultures, arts, and traditions attracts people from all around the globe. An analysis by U.S. News reveals that California is the most racially diverse state in the U.S.

Top in tech

Top  tech In California

The Golden State continues to maintain its spot as a high-tech leader across the nation. The ideal area to reside if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and aspirations for your own startup is undoubtedly Silicon Valley.

The world's top industry, technology, and business professionals have established bases here, making it the epicenter of technical innovation. Furthermore, Silicon Valley is arguably the primary driver of California's thriving economy and exceptional job market.

Other—sports, food, music, business

Being the center for many startup businesses that create significant waves in different industries makes California the best destination for anyone looking to realize their dreams. The state's affinity to embrace diverse cultures has also expanded its culinary scene—meaning a world of delectable cuisines await to pamper you to the fullest, from Mexican to Chinese to European and everything in-between.

In addition to the pristine beaches, the breathtaking mountains, valleys, lakes, and captivating deserts are all a part of the remarkable adventure waiting to be explored. Furthermore, California has a plethora of pubs, bars, clubs, and all-night cruises for anyone seeking the best in nightlife, particularly in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Downtown, Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Los Feliz.


Pros of Living in California

Pros of Living in California

Below are the many advantages of living in California that has also contributed to new home construction along the coast.

Higher-income rate

If you had to choose one reason to move to the Golden State, it's the higher income rates. The median household income is much higher in California than in many other states. The job market is booming, and employment opportunities are growing, meaning you have a better chance of finding an excellent-paying job, particularly in Silicon Valley or other major cities

Strong environmental regulations

The state of California's significant commitment to global warming initiatives has seen it be a leader in environmentalism. Having set higher standards for recycling, energy efficiency, and environmental protection has helped to bring great awareness of the impact environmental deterioration has on the planet.

Better quality of living

For most residents who appreciate living in California, the high-quality lifestyle outweighs the costs of living, thanks to the state's excellent city services. Plus, the stunning beaches, immaculate parks and hiking trails, pleasant weather, outstanding residential properties, progressive atmosphere, and diverse cultural offerings attract people from all over the world.

Year-round sunny climate

The warm and sunny weather year-round is a huge selling point. If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, then California is the place for you.

Health benefits

Regarding the states with the best healthcare, California comes in at five out of 50 States. This rank was determined using several different variables, including access to medical care. So, if you're considering moving to California, the state's top-notch healthcare system might be of great benefit. Plus, the plethora of California's healthy food options and outdoor activities are good for one's mental and physical health.

Business potential

California is home to diverse and successful industries growing significantly fast. This allows entrepreneurs to start almost any type of business venture which could see a high potential for growth and success.

History and culture

As one of the biggest states in the country, diverse experiences have come to play a significant role in shaping California's history and culture. It is a melting pot for a vast array of museums, art galleries, architecture, and all sorts of awe-inspiring beauty.

Outdoor recreation

No matter what you might be into, you can bet that California offers it! Everything from hiking, biking, surfing, and many other activities, the state delivers when it comes to outdoor recreation.

Entertainment industry

It's no secret that California, particularly Los Angeles, is the unofficial headquarters for all artists and creative workers. From music to acting to screenwriting, it's an opportunity to step into the media and entertainment space.

Tolerance and diversity

The Golden State's wealth lies in its diverse cultures, races, and ethnicities. California welcomes everyone with open arms and has become a place for myriad communities, which makes it a truly special place to live.

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Top Trending Custom Homes Style in California

Top Trending Custom Homes Style in California

Something else about California is its varied custom home styles. Choosing a local home builder gets you the best service and a personalized experience if you're looking to bring one of these architectural styles to life. Below are trending styles to consider when looking to build a new home.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod Custom Homes Style in California

Named after the Massachusetts coastal region, the Cape Cod custom home style is one of California's most instantly recognizable structural styles and often lines the streets of suburban neighborhoods. This beloved architectural style features a steep roof, shingled exterior, picture-perfect symmetrical façade, and central chimney and front door. And because the classic style is devoid of any extraneous ornamentation, it is a versatile option for a variety of people, including today's younger homeowners.


Colonial Custom Homes Style in California

The colonial architectural style embodies so many ideals of the Golden State. A Southern California staple, Colonialresidences are distinguished by their stucco wall coat, low-pitched red tile roofs, courtyards that soften the transition from inside to outside, few and small windows, and wood support beams.


Contemporary Custom Homes Style in California

Contemporary custom home design is constantly changing, which makes it harder to pin down. Consider this architectural style as a medium between a traditional and modern dwelling. The best modern home builders typically merge a classic exterior shape without elaborate details with modernist features like lots of glass, simple forms and geometric lines, and an open floor plan when building a contemporary home.


Modern Custom Homes Style in California

Because it is devoid of unnecessary details, a modern custom home style is relatively easy to tell apart from other architectural types. The modernist historical art movement, which strongly emphasized simplistic design and the seamless integration of nature, served as the primary inspiration for the house's structure. This style, familiar to most modern custom home builders, features rectangular forms, open and bright living spaces with lots of windows, and straight or angled lines


Mediterranean  Custom Homes Style in California

One of California's most stunning custom home styles is Mediterranean architecture. The homes feature white exterior walls, low-pitched red tile roofs, arches, large balconies, and ornamental details such as heavy wooden doors and multicolored tiles.


Sometimes referred to as California ranch, rancher, or rambler, this custom home style bears an open-concept layout and a connection to the outdoors. Blending form and function, ranch-style homes are single-story houses in rectangular, "U" or "L" shapes. Key features include large windows and sliding glass doors that open onto the backyard or patio, a low yet wide profile, and an attached garage.


Traditional Custom Homes Style in California

Rather than adhering to a single, specific blueprint, in most cases, a traditional home builder will tell you that traditional home design combines elements from various historical styles. That being said, the new traditional custom home style merges historical elements with contemporary details. Simple and elegant, expect to find traditional homes in cities, suburbs, and rural areas across California.


Victorian Custom Homes Style in California

Distinctive and abundant in detail, the Victorian home style often features an asymmetrical facade with wide wrap-around porches, multi-faceted rooflines, dominant front-facing gable, wood or stone exteriors, and highly elaborate trims, patterned shingles, and cutaway bay windows in varied shapes and sizes.

Top Demanding Places to Build Custom Homes in California

With the demand for housing leading to newly built communities and custom-built residences across California, here are the top demanding cities to build a custom home:

1. Napa

Napa custom home builder

With an emphasis on unspoiled natural landscapes, hospitable weather, close-knit community, recreational opportunities, laid-back lifestyle, and not to mention the finest food and amazing wines, building a custom home in Napa is a lifelong dream that Napa custom home builders are ready to make a reality. This rich and fulfilling way of living has fueled an increase in demand for new construction.

2. Irvine

Irvine custom home builder

Irvine, regarded as one of the best places to raise a family, offers an urban-suburban lifestyle with an abundance of parks and play areas for kids. A one-hour drive from Los Angeles, Irvine's new construction market has undoubtedly experienced a surge in demand. In comparison to the rest of California, Irvine's new home values have increased by 93% since 2010, according to an article on Irvine Standard titled "Study: Irvine New Home-Values Outpace the Region,"—which makes it the best place to build a house in California.

3. Palo Alto

Palo Alto custom home builder

Offering the best of both worlds: big city luxuries like upscale restaurants and an exceptional custom home outdoor lifestyle that includes boundless parks and nature reserves— Palo Alto's unparalleled lifestyle has made it a place to call home for self-build homeowners.

4. Woodside

Woodside custom home builder

With a lot going on in this affluent area, from exceptional cultural activities to a tight-knit community and everything in between, Woodside is one of the most sought-after places to build a home in Northern California. With several home builders in Woodland, CA, constructing a custom home from scratch should relatively be a stress-free experience. This perhaps explains why 90% of homes are owner-occupied, and the demand for new custom construction keeps growing.

5. Los Angeles

Los Angeles custom home builder

Being the epicenter of superior architecture, design, trendsetting restaurants, entertainment, and culture, Los Angeles real estate is always in demand. The city's upscale appeal, laid-back vibe, and pleasant weather all year round also contribute to the major focus on custom home building.

6. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills custom home builder

New custom home construction demand in luxurious and desirable areas of Beverly Hills is a result of its exclusiveness, high-quality lifestyle, top-notch culinary scene, and the outstanding value of existing residential properties. New residents, year after year, strive for the same quality and building a new home in the most desirable neighborhoods is the pinnacle of prosperity that any Beverly Hills custom home builder is ready to make a reality.

7. San Francisco

San Francisco custom home builder

Enchanting and eccentric with an abundance of business opportunities, San Francisco has plenty going for it, and its high-quality lifestyle continues to attract homeowners looking to build custom home from the ground up. Shopping around for the best San Francisco custom home builder can result in a more streamlined building process.

Final thought

From San Francisco to Napa to Palo Alto, California is home to the best cities ideal for building a luxury custom home. The Golden State holds an allure like almost no other state: cutting-edge technology, year-round sunshine, stunning beaches and breathtaking mountains, fantastic business opportunities, and a diverse mix of cultures.

A California luxury home builder can assist in turning a lifelong dream of building a home from scratch into reality. The best home builders in California will help you choose the best floor plan for your custom home and use the most contemporary materials available on the market—ultimately customizing your new home to suit your specific aesthetic and functional needs.

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