Process of Custom Home Build - Step-by-Step Guide

The custom home build process consists of a few phases, so you can't predict the custom home construction timeline. Although many factors are in the game, we can say that the average time to build a custom home can range from 10 months to 2 years. However, this doesn't stop homeowners from turning their dreams into reality. Building a custom home allows you to create the ideal retreat that matches your specific preferences, up to the tiniest details.

Keep in mind that picking a good builder is a crucial factor that will determine the timeline. Construct Elements allows you to unleash your creativity, guided by our skilled architects and builders. Individuals with specific requirements and refined taste can be assured that the final results will meet their expectations.


Since we can't give a precise answer on the custom home construction timeline, we will explain every step of the process to you. In addition, we share some valuable tips on how to avoid the most common issues and speed up your project.


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Project timeline

While the average time to build a custom home can range from 10 months to 2 years, sometimes things won't go as smoothly as you expected. The pre-construction phase can last for three to nine months and mostly depends on external factors. Designing the custom home will take time since there might be back-and-forth communication until you are delighted with the outcome. Obtaining permits might take up to a month, depending on how busy the office is.

The construction phase

Obtaining the needed documentation may take up to two months. The site needs to be prepared for construction, which takes one month. Building the foundation takes one and a half months, while rough carpentry takes two months.


When the floors and walls are completed, it is time for installing the HVAC system, which takes about a month. The electrical installations and plumbing take two and a half months. Next, your contractor will install doors, windows and finish the exterior, taking a month and a half. Insulation, drywall, caulk, and paint may take up to four and a half months. However, keep in mind that some of these tasks are completed simultaneously.

Project efficiency

The custom home construction timeline depends on many factors. Some of them are in your control, while your contractor will take care of the others. Building a home on a budget that is already defined requires high efficiency. Your builder should take action for maximum efficiency, such as construction management software, excellent communication with staff, and measuring the key performance indicators.


Building a house on a budget requires back and forth communication with the designated team to meet your requirements and wishes. In addition, your builder should establish excellent communication with their employees. This measure will help identify any potential issues and address them at the early stages of the construction process.


Basic construction process


The process of building a house consists of many significant steps. Starting from the initial design to the execution, Construct Elements will identify the potential flaws so that they won't end up as costly mistakes. Keep in mind that the process of building your own home requires your feedback, so be prepared to be included in every step of the process. In addition, we explain the whole process of building a house step by step.


Custom Home Blog

Despite its aesthetics, the house design will also contribute to functionality. During this phase, you will work closely with an architect to express your ideas, so feel free to show images of the designs you like. In addition, we explain the critical aspects of custom home design.

●     Design service. Providing an excellent design service is one of the crucial steps to building a house that matches your needs.

●     Exterior. Your house's exterior will hint at what's on the inside, so determining the desired aesthetics is a part of the home building process.

●     Interior. Every homeowner has specific wishes and preferences when it comes to designing a dream home. Your designer should help you define your concepts and ideas in qualitative terms and quantitative terms, meaning that you will work closely together during the custom home building process to determine the number of stories, rooms, and square footage. In addition, you should share your preferences regarding the desired style and mood.

●     Storage. Implementing functional storage solutions is a crucial step of the house construction process. However, the amount and location of storage space depend on your requirements. While some people prefer to have a double garage, others might select a spacious basement or pantry.

Site planning

Before we even start the construction process, we will assess the site and its advantages and disadvantages. This way, we can guarantee that the project will meet your requirements and budget.

●     Resources. The climatic conditions and sun position during sunset and sunrise can be vital if you wish to access natural sunlight. In addition, they will consider access to water, electricity, gas, and sewer lines. This is one of the essential steps to building your own home since connecting to utilities can be a costly and time-consuming project. However, these aren't the only aspects for consideration. For your comfort, you would want the site to have proximity to shops, schools, and transport.

●     Forest conservation areas. When building in conservation areas, a specific set of rules will apply. For example, you are required to request approval if you need to prune protected trees. Your contractor should contact the local authorities and take care of it.

●     Site consideration. If the structure lies on unstable soil, this might result in damaged walls and slabs. Professionals will determine whether the site has suitable foundation soils and if any extra work is needed to establish a solid foundation.



The site preparation is one of the stages of building a house that can bring unexpected costs. Professionals should assess the suitability ofthe site and predict the budget for site preparation.

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Before, During, After

How long does it take to build a luxury home, from start to finish? Many external factors will impact the home construction process timeline, such as requesting permits from the city. However, the experienced team at Construction Elements will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Before you build

Before the building process, you will meet our team for a detailed consultation. You will share your particular requirements with the team, such as style, home size, layout, and budget. Once we have a clear picture of your desires, we can proceed to design the house plans and give you a rough estimation of the custom home construction timeline. You will sign an agreement for the design and deposit before we get started.


Next, our skilled architects will craft the house plans, including the floor plans and site plans. Once you approve them, we will meet you to define the finishes. After a few weeks, we will have the pricing ready for your review. When you are satisfied with everything, we move forward with the project and sign a contract.


When assessing the new house construction timeline, keep in mind that we need a few more weeks to craft the plans for obtaining permits. After the structural engineer signs the documentation, we submit it to the authorities for approval. Permitting is one of the phases in the construction timeline for building a house that we can't predict since the office might be busy and have a slow turn around time.

During building

When we are ready to get started, we assign you a project team that will guide the whole process for you. You will meet your team at a pre-construction meeting to define the details, such as the light switch and power outlet placement.


The local authorities will perform various home inspections during the building phase to ensure the standards are met. While we can't give a precise answer on how long it takes to build a custom home, the Construct Elements team will do everything in their power to speed up the process.


When the construction process is completed, the professional designers will implement the finishes. To obtain the needed certificate, your custom home will undergo one final inspection. After this, your dream home is ready for you to move in.

After building

When the estimated time frame to build a new house ends, our obligations as a professional company don't end here. You have a one-year warranty for repairs and a ten-year warranty for the structure. When the house is completed, we will arrange a photo session to capture the beauty of your perfectly designed home.

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How long does it take to build a custom home?


We know that our customers are interested in how long it takes to build a custom home. This significant life decision might interfere with your plans, so you would want to know the new house construction timeline. From our extensive experience with custom home projects, we know that issues can arise during the project.


The construction timeline for building a house depends on various factors, such as the home's size and design. Since you will work closely with an architect, their availability is one of the essential factors during the pre-construction phase. If an architect is overwhelmed with other projects, you will wait to schedule a meeting.


In addition, the builder is responsible for managing the construction process and all the issues that arise. They should have excellent leadership and problem-solving skills to handle different situations but also be customer-oriented. Therefore, you need a skilled and experienced builder who will contribute to efficient execution and won't postpone the home construction process timeline.


Even though we do everything in our power to speed up the process, we can't control the external factors. According to our rough estimates, constructing a custom home will take between 10 months and two years. This timeframe is given solely for the construction process and doesn't include the pre-construction phase and designing. Before the construction process, we will need three to nine months to complete everything.

Factors that Can Increase the Time to Move-In

●     Weather. The weather is one of the crucial factors that will determine the custom home construction timeline. Unfortunately, it is out of our control. Our experienced team will count on the weather precipitations when estimating a time frame to build a new house. However, we might need to change direction in case of extreme temperatures or heavy rain. While extreme temperatures can be harmful to the people directly involved in the process, they can cause structural damage.

●     Not having permits. Completing the needed paperwork brings many hassles, so your project might get delayed due to missing permits. Construct Elements will take care of the tedious tasks to ensure a smooth project.

What Can Homeowners Do to Help a Project Move Faster?

When we explain how long it takes to build a luxury home to our customers, we let them know they have complete control over some factors. In addition, we explain how to speed up the project.

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●     Work with a reputable builder. Experienced builders have excellent organization and management skills, which helps them meet the deadline.

●     Work with an interior designer. A professional interior designer will pick furnishing, paint, and details according to your preferred style. They can make instant decisions in the essential phases, meaning that your project won't stay behind schedule.

●     Clear budget confusion. During construction, the builder might come across unexpected issues. Or you might change your mind about certain elements and want to change them. Although your builder provides a budget estimate, plan extra funds if you need to solve the problem quickly.

●     Material processing time. Sometimes, it may take weeks for the ordered material to arrive. Since the lack of some items can delay the process, you need to make fast decisions for ordering materials.

●     Regular site visit with the builder. This allows you to keep track of the project and request any changes before it is too late.

●     Stick to the original design. Keep in mind that changes during the construction process can be costly and time-consuming.


Final thoughts


The duration of your custom home project depends on many factors, so having experienced builders that will tackle them straight away is crucial. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your project, feel free to contact us. Enter your information in the form on the right side, and we will be in touch with you shortly!


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