General Contractor Role and Responsibilities to Build Your Beautiful Home

When taking on a new building project, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the small details that have to come together. This is why plenty of benefits are offer by enlisting a general contractor in California to keep every aspect of the building process going from start to finish.



A general contractor (GC) is a construction expert who plans, leads, executes, and supervises every last detail necessary to complete a project. Whether big or small, construction companies with experienced GC will manage all moving parts of the job with time efficiency and ensure it is complete successfully.


The general contractor serves as the project coordinator and supervisor, bringing together all subcontractors and stakeholders to guarantee effective communication and completion within the established time and budget. In a nutshell, your general contractor in Los Angeles will be accountable for the entire building process and will use the most effective methods to complete the project as planned.


Importance of a General Contractor 

importance of general contractor


As previously mentioned, a general contractor manages the entire construction project and collaborates with the homeowner to ensure everything goes according to plan. Some of the reasons to appoint an expert with proper credentials in the construction industry include:

 Keep your project on budget and on time

Keeping the project on budget and schedule is one of the key advantages of working with a general contractor nearby. Thanks to pre-established relationships in the industry, they're often in the position to obtain high-quality products and a reliable workforce on an as-needed basis. Having access to more materials and experts prevents costly downtime and keeps the project running smoothly toward on-time completion regardless of setbacks.

 Find the best subcontractors for the job.

Along the same lines, local general contractors also have a large network of experienced subcontractors with whom they have previously worked. Having the resources and negotiation skills to provide the best workers helps speed up the project's timeline. The best general contractors in Los Angeles should know how to properly coordinate with all subcontractors to ensure the project is completed efficiently and to your satisfaction.

Design ideas that work

Any general contractor worth your money should be able to customize the services and solutions offered to ensure your vision is realized. Because they understand the bigger picture and know what works and doesn't, you can trust the contractor to put everything into motion to achieve results you would be proud of.

Adhere to local regulations 

Licensedcontractorsin Los Angeles with years of experience understand the ins and outs of local regulations and getting the project approved every step of the way. For one, it means the work will be up to code, and the project will pass a future home inspection.

Save money 

General contractors have associations with a bigger network of industry suppliers who can provide materials at a lower rate. This helps them secure high-quality and discounted materials, saving you money in the process. 

Role of a General Contractor in Project Management

role of general contractor in project management

The construction process can be complex and may require certain technical management skills to ensure successful project performance. The construction management contractor can serve a building project from many different angles, including:

Planning and managing

An article by Build It titled "Role of General Contractor in Construction Work" suggests that the best construction management consultant is distinguished by their ability to focus on comprehensive planning. They ensure that resources are deployed and utilized as efficiently as possible, from start to finish. 

To support the project's progress, they are to keep an eye on the construction site's operations, ensure the operating schedule and cost baselines are on track, and evaluate the project's progress in relation to its stated goals. The contractor's responsibilities in the post-construction phase include completing project paperwork, carrying out project closure duties, and concluding project performance data.

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Manage daily job site operations

General contractor roles and responsibilities also include:

➼ Handling daily activities such as keeping all works on schedule.

➼ Tracking progress and maintaining quality.

➼ Ensuring safety and cleanliness and finding different ways to maximize labor productivity at all phases.

Provide required equipment and building materials

As mentioned above, construction project management is responsible for many details, and maintaining a steady supply of building materials is one of them. For the project's smooth development, they are to ensure that the building materials and equipment needed to reach the site on time are of desired quality. 

Coordinating subcontractors, consultants, and vendors

Based on their rich experience, the construction management consultant can manage and coordinate with subcontractors and vendors appointed to carry out specific works. Their role involves continuously reviewing, modifying the project scope, and updating participants on significant changes.

Oversee quality, timeline, and budget

As a construction expert, a general contractor's role is to ensure work execution is of a high standard at every phase of the project. And when making decisions, they must have the agreed deadlines and budget in mind.

Manage health, safety, and legal issues 

The general contractor should be aware of the necessary permits and licenses needed for the smooth progress of the project and that the structure itself complies with local legislation and building codes. In addition, they are responsible for implementing adequate procedures and emergency response systems that guarantee the site's and personnel's health and safety.  

What to Look for When Hiring a General Contractor?

steps to hire a general contractor

While there are many things that you should look for when enlisting an experienced general contractor, the following are some of the important considerations to keep in mind:

Check the contractor's license

An article titled "How to Get a License for Your Construction Company" by reveals that in nearly all states in the US, any contractor that alters or constructs a building must be fully licensed. So, when looking for the right person, hire a general contractor with the required documents and training necessary to provide a certain level of quality. 

Steady and trained staff and crew

It's equally important to get to know the contractor and ensure they have steady and trained staff that are well-rounded in construction projects. How long a company has been in business can indicate whether or not they have garnered extensive experience for the kind of work you want to be done.


When looking for a licensed contractor in Los Angeles, be cautious of high or too low pricing. For example, low pricing might seem appealing but may lead to subpar work and added expenses. If you're asking several contractors for estimates, ask for a detailed cost outline to ensure that you will be charged fair service rates.

Good references

The reputation any professional has is directly proportionate to the product quality, workmanship, and customer service they deliver. Be sure to ask for references who can vouch for their expertise and check with the Better Business Bureau about their professional reputation. 

Friendly but professional

In his article for Certain Teed titled "A Little FaceTime Goes a Long Way—And I Don't Mean the App," Jay Butch discusses about scheduling to meet with the general contractor that allows you the opportunity to get a more comprehensive picture of who they are? and, if they are the right choice for your needs. You'll need to select someone who has a demeanor you are comfortable with and excels at being friendly while remaining professional. 

The necessary experience 

A professional home builder should have a set of skills necessary for the success of your project. With a base level of experience, look into their past works to determine if the quality of work delivered aligns with your project goals. 

Common FAQ About General Contractor

common question about general contractor

How much money do general contractors cost?

According to HomeAdvisor, general contractors typically set their fees within the range of 10% to 20% of the project's total cost. These figures, however, are only averages and may vary depending on the contractor and scope of the project. A larger project may demand 25% of a project's cost. 

What can I expect during the project?

After discussing your ideas, a general contractor in California will develop the budget and work schedule. Based on your project specifications, expect thousands of decisions to be made to bring your vision to life. And since the contractor is responsible for all moving parts that must be precisely coordinated, they'll keep you informed at every stage to ensure successful completion. 

Why choose Construct Element general contractor in California? 

Construct Element provides full-service general contracting that you can trust. We are dedicate to understanding your unique needs and helping you make sound decisions at every phase of the building process, from design to completion. As the best general contractor in California, our licensed project contractors deliver quality workmanship and superb customer service. From permit obtention and determining budget and schedule to providing innovative methods of building a custom home, our reliable team will work closely with you to complete your project that exceeds industry standard quality.

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