LNU Lightning Complex 2020 - What You Should Be Aware Of

There has been a recent increase in the cases of wildfires in the Francisco Bay Area of California called LNU lighting complex 2020, leading to human and material losses approximately in millions of dollars.

What is the LNU Lightning Complex

The LNU lighting complex 2020 not only affects ecosystems with massive losses of animal lives and pollution, but it has also caused so many people to lose their homes and properties to fire damage.

Lightning complex results from separate fires started by lightning strikes which merge to form one big wildfire. The Hennessey fire from the LNU lightning complex 2020 started separately. However, it combined with other small independent fires such as Morgan, Green, Spanish, Markley and Gamble fires.

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The LNU lightning complex 2020 is a series of ongoing wildfires in 5 counties of Wine Country zones, Northern California. The counties affected by the fire incident include Sonoma, Lake, Napa, Colusa, Solano, and Yolo. LNU started on August 17 when firestorms and bolts of lightning caused more than 350 reported fires.

Main Causes Of fires In This Area

The leading causes of fires in this area are human activities like campfire accidents, fireworks, arson, vehicular accidents, powerline, etc. In total, human actions cause about 90% of the fires. Typical natural causes are unusual storms with lightning strikes. Violent winds alongside high temperatures may encourage rapid and widespread fire incidents. As a result of these factors combined, fire outbreaks occur annually in these areas of Northern California.

What Is The Current Situation

Currently, 375,709 acres of land have been reportedly burnt in the LNU Lightning Complex fires. 1,491 structures have been destroyed with up to 30,000 under threat and 232 buildings have been damaged. Up to 119 homes were destroyed in Solano county. There have been five fatalities and four nonfatal injuries to residents. More than 30,000 people are being evacuated.

What To Do First If You Home/ Bsuiness Is Gutted By Fire?

No one wishes for a wildfire to burn down their homes or business place but it still happens. Prioritize your safety and that of everyone around you (family, employers, colleagues, pets, etc.)

With the fires out, calling the insurance agency and filing a fire a damage insurance claim should be the next step assuming the building is insured. While waiting, take pictures and videos as proof of the incident. Furthermore, documenting all damaged items would greatly help in the recovery process, especially if you’re familiar with things that your insurance policy covers. You can call professional fire damage restoration agencies to ascertain the level of damages. Their expert decisions can help decide if repairs are more cost-effective or outright demolition, and rebuilding is the way forward.

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Finally, and perhaps most importantly, adhere to the evacuation orders and warning. The government is doing the best they can to contain the situation. Listen to public announcements and follow the rules and regulations.

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The Fire Damage Restoration Process

After a fire in a home or business place, the process of restoring damages is an arduous task for both parties. While the individual or company who suffers the losses will be at pains to point out missing or lost items, the fire damage home restoration companies restore your home to the pristine condition it was before the fire.

How Element Homes Helps With Your Fire Damaged Home Restoration

Following fire damage, rebuilding is essential. When looking for a company to help you with the reconstruction and restoration of your home, you should look no further than Element Homes. Element custom homes is a full-service company that offers the most qualitative, affordable, renovations, improvements and fire restoration. To help residents rebuild new homes that look and feel better than what you lost, we are committed to providing the best fire damage restoration services to you.

How Element Home Helps

Firstly, We do a critical analysis of the state of your home and offer professional advice. Without help from a contracting agency like us, homeowners tend to accept inadequate settlements. Once you find that your home has been damaged, be sure to talk to us and get a free estimate before meeting your insurer. What Element Homes does is to restore your home to the way it was while at the same time making significant improvements. When our job is done, you’ll have your home again, but newer, better and improved.

Having completed more than 300 projects over the last four years, what sets us apart from our competition is our concierge-style approach. Our employees have undergone all the necessary training to take their skills to a world-class standard. With Element Homes, there are no surprises. No hidden charges, and we don’t spare quality for quantity. We have a professional team that perfects every part of your home design and construction, and more so, our services are budget-friendly. You also get a warranty on all rebuilding and reconstruction projects we handle for you.

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